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It is perhaps the most tantalizing feeling to finally acquire your humanity by discovering you are eternal. Plus, some anime and bacon in the way would not hurt.




april fools day is the perfect day to confess your undying love for someone if they dont feel the same you can just yell “trolled u” and run away whooping and hollering so no one can see the gentle tears on your face 

that post got very sad very fast

Uh gawd

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Guardians of The Galaxy by Matt Ferguson / Tumblr / Website / Twitter
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Samus Aran by Olly Moss / Tumblr / Store
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[LOL]Teemo x Lulu , Veigar x Tristina by *beanbean1988
I’m rather a fan of Lulu x Veigar and Teemo x Tris especially since Teemo and Tris are close friends in the lore (poor Rumble!)

This made my day
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Personalmente ame a este personaje~y después de terminar de ver el anime, me dedique a elaborar una versión de como hubiera lucido de ser [[humano]].espero les guste u///w///u

this made my day
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Why girls are awesome.